Beetroot miso

Diep aardse and fruitige smaken

van: Boland Ferments (Lokaal (max 30km))

Rode bieten miso met een breed palet van zoute, diep aardse en fruitige smaken.

4 maanden

aspergillus oryzae en biologische rode bieten, gerst, zout en koji

Alle getoonde prijzen zijn excl. BTW.

De producent

Boland Ferments

My name is Kyle Boland from Boland Ferments in Ghent. I am a chef and worked at In De Wulf, De Vitrine and Chambre Separee and now turned my passion and love of miso an ferments to a full time occupation. I am using local/bio farmers to make my products. I also use excess or waste from farmers and restaurants to turn it into something yummy and useful. The products have no extra preservatives or additives. They are made using traditional techniques and time. Giving you the true flavour and health benefit.

Kyle Boland

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Boland Ferments